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The Great Leveler

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The Lord God formed the human from the topsoil of the fertile land and blew life’s breath into his nostrils. The human came to life. -Genesis 2:7

Antonin Scalia died right here in West Texas last year. The death of a conservative giant and the coming opportunity for bipartisan statesmanship all dominoed from a spot right outside Marfa, Texas. A National Public Radio story from the Marfa station detailed how difficult it was to pronounce Scalia’s death officially. You would think people would be lining up to be a small part of history! And of course they would have if they had known.

But three people turned down the job of attending to Scalia’s passing. No judgment for these folks- they were too far of a drive away, or had other urgent official duties. They had good reasons not to rush out to an unidentified death. And then there’s this one. Maria Public radio reports: “In this border county, sometimes the dead body is an undocumented migrant. Identification can take weeks; death can wait.” Hundreds of migrants, maybe a thousand, die each year along the Texas/Mexico border. We don’t know exactly how many because we know we don’t find them all.

Antonin could’ve been a man named Oscar from Guatemala who died from dehydration on his way to make some money in the U.S. to send back to his family. Instead he was a Supreme Court justice on a luxury hunting expedition.

God formed both Antonin and Oscar, loved them both, had purpose for them both, gave life to them both, sent Christ to forgive and free them both. So let us mourn both Antonin and Oscar, learn from them both and remember them, both, on this Lenten day. By the grace of God may we become great levelers, in life, and not just in death. This is the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks be to God.