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Ready for Baby

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read: “While they were there, the time came for Mary to have her baby.” -Luke 2:4

Have you ever been involved with a birth? You can do absolutely nothing but that birth. If you’re in the room, you’re timing for the next push. If you’re the waiting family, you’re pacing and praying. If you’re the mama, well, you are for the first time ever, perhaps, not multitasking. When the time comes, it’s time to do nothing but HAVE A BABY.

We are at that time now. The house might not get vacuumed. The bows might not make it on top of the gifts. But now is the time to stop and pay attention to only one thing. Jesus is born anew into our lives. Turn your attention to him.

act: Check in with your body. What do you need to be ready for Christ’s coming? A nap? A walk? Celery instead of chocolate? Take care of your body, for it’s all you’ve got with which to welcome the Christ child.

with children: Tell your child what you remember or know about his or her birth. Ask how they think Jesus’ birth might have been the same or different.

pray: Help me stop, O Lord, and be ready, not for everything, but for you to come again. Amen.