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Generous Living

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Jesus said, “I have come so that you may have life, and have it abundantly.” -John 10:10

The Powerball is at a bajillion dollars now, and the math has been done that whoever wins will be able to buy everyone in the U.S. a Starbucks coffee. That’s a lot of money; Starbucks ain’t cheap. Lots of t.v. interviews are going on right now with the question, “If you won, what would you do with the money?” The answers are pretty similar across our diversity. We would buy a new house, quit our jobs, take care of our grandmas, give to help a charity. We would live a whole new, great life!

It’s interesting that we think if we have more money, then we will be able to at last reach our dreams. But will having a bunch of money really get us to our dreams? Okay, yes, it will make it easier, and quicker, to have and do the things we say we want to do. But remember what John D. Rockefeller said when asked by a reporter “How much money will be enough?” The 1900’s era billionaire replied, “Just a little bit more!”

Lotsa money will send us on a trip around the world for a year. But if traveling to see God’s great creation is our heart’s desire, $75 buys a national parks pass. All we need is that and to actually take our vacation days, and we are off on a lifetime of truly grand adventure.

Lotsa money will give our grandmas new wardrobes and build them fancy houses and maybe purchase one of those little dogs she can keep in her purse. But if caring for our elderly loved ones is really up there on our to-do list, probably just calling or coming by more often would be as satisfying to them, and to us.

Lotsa money is pretty wonderful to give to charities, and may I ask that if you win the lottery, you will think of First Christian Church, Odessa, Texas?!?! But as my colleague Traci Blackmon says, “If you have difficulty tithing on the $9 you have in the bank now, it is not likely that you would tithe on $900 million. If you won’t part with 90 cents…you certainly won’t write a check for 90 million.” Having more money does not make us generous unless we are already giving from what we have . . .

Jesus told us that he came so that we wold have life. And not just a life of survival, but a life of abundance, adventure, vibrancy, generosity- a life that really is alive! Friends, we don’t wait to win the lottery to win such a life. It is yours now. Receive your life, and claim it. You really have already won!