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March 17- Confession

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Then the men were terrified and said to him, “What have you done?” (The men knew that Jonah was fleeing from the Lord, because he had told them.)

They said to him, “What will we do about you so that the sea will become calm around us?” (The sea was continuing to rage.)

He said to them, “Pick me up and hurl me into the sea! Then the sea will become calm around you. I know it’s my fault that this great storm has come upon you.”
-Jonah 1:10-12

When Jonah got on a boat to run away from God, a storm came up. The ship and its passengers were in peril. Jonah confessed, “It’s my fault.”

When things are going badly, it’s not always someone’s fault of course. You can eat carrots all your life and still go blind. You can raise your kids as lovingly as possible and one still gets addicted to drugs. Sometimes life just happens. But other times- it is someone’s fault.

Now some of us say, “I’m sorry” too much. We say it so much it hardly means anything. We are always apologizing to try to keep on good footing with everyone.

But others of us, we have a hard time being as upfront as Jonah. We could use a moment of courage to say “It’s my fault.” Confession is essential for clean hearts. The moment Jonah said “It’s my fault,” his story begins to change.

Lord Jesus, please lead me. Show me if I need to say I’m sorry somewhere. Create in me a clean heart O God! Amen.

In a tense relationship, identify one part that you know you are playing in the difficulty. No need to analyze what the other person is doing wrong. No doubt there’s things they are doing wrong too. But this is for your own heart to be clean.


Ask your kids what we say I’m sorry for and how often we say it or don’t say it. Talk about that. It’s helpful to talk about these things when there’s not a problem going on!