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Let My People Go

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 Read John 18:-18 here

Jesus answered, “I told you, ‘I Am.’ If you are looking for me, then let these people go.” This was so that the word he had spoken might be fulfilled: “I didn’t lose anyone of those whom you gave me.”

“Let these people go.” If you’re a Bible reader, these words might sound a bit familiar. Jesus is about to be arrested by Roman soldiers who are led by his own religious experts. But he could be in Egypt with Moses centuries ago, demanding the Pharaoh let the Israelite people free from their slavery there. “Let my people go!”

Remember it was in the calling of Moses that God revealed God’s holy name: “I Am.” And here, Jesus responds to his enemies’ questions with this same name: “I Am.” Do you see it?

God is not sending another! God has come God’s own self. In Jesus Christ, God is fully known, the great “I Am” is revealed. In Jesus, God is setting us all free from any kind of slavery- free from religiosity, from oppression, from ourselves. He will not lose any single one of us! We are all crossing over the Red Sea and it is now!

Father and Mother God, thank you for sending Jesus to stand up for me and all of humanity. Thank you for not just sending him, but for coming yourself in him. Amen!

Ask God to help you emulate Jesus and stand up for someone today. Whether it’s writing a letter to your congressmen or saying a kind word to a beleaguered sales clerk, be an advocate as God is for us.

Sing the saying “Pharaoh, Pharaoh” and talk about how Pharaoh could be lots of things we need to be let go from! Any of your kids have friends who can’t get away from their cell phones? That’s Pharaoh!