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Longer Lasting than Jelly Beans

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When the days drew near for Jesus to be taken up, he set his face to go to Jerusalem. -Luke 9:51

“Hope never consists in thinking, ‘things will work out.’ Hope finds its substance looking reality in the eye; realism finds its possibility in hope. Without a living hope, we can’t stand reality: we lie to ourselves, cover up what is real in illusions. Hope does not begin to exist except in the harshness of the reality with which we are confronted.” -Liz McAllister

We are drawing very near to Holy Week. This is when we see Jesus determined to be faithful to God’s love, no matter the cost. ┬áRecently we received an invitation to another church’s Easter events. It said, “Easter is all about family, egg hunts, and the bunny for the kids.” No mention of the cross, or even of Jesus. Just come and have fun.

I know “Come and admit the suffering realities of life, and watch how God can still make them beautiful” might not bring the multitudes to our worship services. But this is the gospel truth that lasts longer than a jelly bean. This is the work of Jesus Christ. He is headed to the cross, in solidarity with all who suffer, to make our sin powerless over our destiny.

Now that’s real hope!

Come, Lord Jesus, make us honest and hopeful, real and redeemed. Amen!


Share an invitation to Easter worship with someone who needs hope! (And that’s everybody).We will meet at 11am on Easter Sunday at our downtown location, and at 6pm that evening at Zucchi’s restaurant on JBS Parkway.