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February 24- Falling So Soon?

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When a famine struck the land, Abram went down toward Egypt to live as an immigrant since the famine was so severe in the land. Just before he arrived in Egypt, he said to his wife Sarai, “I know you are a good-looking woman. When the Egyptians see you, they will say, ‘This is his wife,’ and they will kill me but let you live. So tell them you are my sister so that they will treat me well for your sake, and I will survive because of you.” -Genesis 12:10-13

Abram has just been the hero of the moment. He just said yes to following God’s call to be a blessing to all the world. And when he arrives at his first destination, Abram fumbles the ball. Do you know what happened to Heisman winner Ricky Williams, just after he broke Tony Dorsett’s college rushing record? Williams broke the record in a game, received a standing ovation from the crown, then fumbled the ball on the VERY NEXT play.

This is what’s happening with Abram. He has shown extraordinary courage to trust God, leaving everything behind at God’s command. Yet, as soon as things get a little scary, Abram concocts a plan to pass his wife off as his sister, causing her to be subsumed into Pharoah’s harem for a time. What?!?! So quick to fumble the ball.

But God does’t say, “Your season is over” and bench him. Not even for this atrocity. We might wish God had. It is as if God says, “So what? My grace is still at work through you.” God even uses Abram’s faithlessness to bring Abram more power in the land in which he is traveling. We might take offense at God working in us despite our fumbles.

But God does. So don’t be afraid that you won’t get it right today. Just keep following after God.

Your grace is overwhelming, even offensive, and it saves me. Help me trust you and receive your determination to work though me.

Write down something that you have done that you think has screwed up God’s plan for your life. Say to the piece of paper, “So what?” and tear it up. Then proclaim, “”God reigns anyway!”

Tell your kids about a mistake you once made (an age-appropriate one of course). Tell them what you learned from it.