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December 13 – Higher Still

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read: A highway will be there.
 It will be called The Holy Way.
The unclean won’t travel on it,
    but it will be for those walking on that Way. -Isaiah 35: 8

reflect: Nelson Mandela is called the “Master of the High Road.” When he could have responded with enmity and retaliation to his enemies, he instead responded with an invitation to reconciliation. He did this not once, but time and time again. Isaiah calls the “high road” we talk about the “Holy Way.” In Isaiah’s vision, it is a road made and blessed by God, used to bring everyone who the Babylonian army violently removed from Jerusalem back home to their city. On this high road, no “unclean” will travel. No fools or harmful elements will be allowed either, the text goes on to say.

But this isn’t because the travelers of this high road are especially showered up, or because they are particularly righteous. No. We walk on such a high road because God has made it so. Isaiah 35:10 says, “The ones whom the Lord has rescued have returned.” Mandela knew the gracious rescue of God for himself, and was compelled to offer such grace to others.

May we all be on the Holy Way.

pray: O Lord, even in traffic, it is hard to take the high road. Remind me of your rescue so I may extend grace to others. Amen.

with children: Talk about taking the high road with your kids. Pretend to walk on the low road, and then pretend to climb up to the high road. Ask what you can see differently high than low. 

act: Is it time to respond with love instead of retaliation to someone in your life?