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Advent Love

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read: “They will called the Oaks of Righteousness, planted by the Lord to glorify himself. They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore formerly deserted places.” -Isaiah 61:3-4

Maybe the holiday bustle has worn you down, or maybe you’ve yet to catch the Christmas spirit (whatever that is!), or maybe you are experiencing your first Christmas without a loved one, or maybe you are truly joyful and ready to enjoy the day with family and friends.

However you are this week before Christmas, remember that God has purpose for you. You are created by God to bring glory to God. Whatever your life looks like to you, whatever your Christmas looks like to you, God is at work to bring beauty from it.

It even worked for Scrooge!

bah humbug
bah animals lowing nearby
hum the night is still
Baby born
Unto us
God’s grace grasped!

with children: Sit on the couch and do nothing else but watch Disney’s “Christmas Carol.”

act: Give someone or ask someone to give you a really good bear hug. Take a little time to love you!

pray: Lord, I’m sinking my roots deep into you for you to sprout love and peace even out of me, to your glory, this Christmastime! Amen.