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Advent Peace

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read: “A voice is crying out:
’Clear the Lord’s way in the desert!
 Make a level highway in the wilderness for our God!’” -Isaiah 40:3

reflect: She was waiting for another family member in the school parking lot. I was rushing past her, trying not to be late to our son’s winter orchestra concert. As I hustled past her, she called out, “Good to see you!” She was my neighbor, and I hadn’t seen her at all. That stopped me in my tracks.

Maybe this doesn’t happen to you. When Christmas is right around the corner, I usually hit a wall. I feel the tiredness of the rush all around me and in my own heart, despite trying once again to be more peaceful and slow this year. I realize I am not going to get everything done I had dreamed I would for this year’s Christmas. I feel the pain of what and who will be missing and I have no ability to fix that hole in my Christmas canopy.

I am learning to welcome this wall as a good thing. For me, it means that I am ready to make a path. A path made not of my expectations, decorations, and plans, but of my sheer, raw, need for the coming of our God. Clearing the Lord’s way in the wilderness means taking some deep breaths, looking my neighbor in the eye, releasing any control I pretended to have, and letting God into my heart, once more.

pray: It is all about you, Lord, and thank you for forgiving me when I forget that. Amen.

with children: Decide to not tell your children to “hurry” today. Try “take your time” instead and see what happens!

act: Make a list of everything you hope to get done between now and Christmas. Cross at least 3 things off. Release them!