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First Christian Church seeks to embody the hospitality of Christ

Welcome – FCC has discovered that God speaks to each of us in numerous and diverse ways. As Disciples of Christ, we encourage each of us to engage scripture and come to discover what God may be saying to you.

We feel it our calling to extend Christ’s hospitality to all who hear his invitation.

All means All – Because we affirm the personal connection of each follower with Christ, we embrace and celebrate the diversity of theological conclusions we each might come to as we thoughtfully engage scripture together.


When First Christian Church of Odessa was formed in 1906, members had little more than a plot of land on Lee Street on which to hold “tent meetings.” Gradually, this congregation built a more permanent wooden structure. In 1941, this wooden tabernacle was sold and the congregation moved one block north to a new brick building.

More about the Christian Church:

Members of the Christian Church are called Disciples of Christ. The Christian Church seeks to unite all Christians in one body. Disciples of the Christian Church stress freedom and diversity: There are no set doctrines or uniform rules for worship. Disciples are encouraged to find methods of prayer and devotion most suitable to them as individuals.

The Christian Church was born in frontier America from the desire to reform and unify existing denominations into one Christian church. You may learn more at disciples.org.