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A Thanksgiving Prayer

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For the breath in our lungs
For energy to be awake this morning
For a song in our hearts
For a friend to laugh and cry beside
Thank you, Lord.
For eternal hope that does not rise and fall with the price of oil
For forgiveness that makes us able to face a new day
For repair only you could accomplish in our bodies and our relationships
For a way to live life that brings blessing to others
Thank you, Lord.
For listening to our heart cries when we have no where else to turn
For promising us that we are never alone
For holding the brokenness of this world and never giving up on us, not on any of us
For working within us by your Spirit to help us serve each other
Thank you, Lord.
We pray for the peace of the world, and especially for your watchcare over those who are victims of oppression and all who seek to deliver them
We pray for our country we love, that you would guide our leaders in this time of terrorism
We pray for your church on every shore, that you would give us courage to be a beacon of your light for all people, come what may
We pray for this congregation, that you would grant us overflowing abundances of your provision and mercy, more than enough to share
We pray for our friends and family who carry a burden of illness, job loss, or depth of grief
As they try to be thankful, we ask that you ease their suffering with your remarkable presence of grace
We pray for ourselves,  that you would help us look to you, in all things, and cause us to reflect your love, in all things

For this, we just want to thank you, Lord.