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A New Name

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“You shall be called by a new name.” -Isaiah 62:2

At our congregational meeting two Sundays ago, the congregation reached the culmination of our decision about a new name! We decided to affirm the Mission Team and General Board recommendation that we adopt the name “Connection Christian Church.” 91% approved. We give thanks to God for divine leading and for all who have prayed and discerned during this important time in the life of First Christian Church!

If you’ve not yet watched the video to hear how this name was chosen, please do so by clicking on this link: http://bit.ly/FCCNaming

Now there are several times in Scripture when God changes people’s names. And the name change comes with other developments, too. In the book of Genesis, Jacob becomes not just a scoundrel but a mature man who is in covenant with God. In the gospel of John, Peter becomes not just a hot-headed fisherman but a leader of the early church appointed by Jesus Christ himself.

Our church is beginning to experience our name changed, from First Christian Church to Connection Christian Church. How we will be different and how will we be the same? We will still be committed to our ties with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), our denomination. We will still hold the values of welcoming all people, thinking for ourselves, serving our community, and feasting regularly at the Lord’s Table. But will we be different in any way?

I believe God is transforming us to be different in the passion and the urgency with which we live out our name of “Connection.” God is giving us a more intensely burning desire in our hearts to connect people to God’s love in Jesus Christ and to connect them with our church to sustain and support them. God is showing us how important it is that we are connecting faith with community outreach, and I believe we will see God using our church to impact our community in even greater ways than before.

What do you see? How will Connection Christian Church be the same as First Christian? And how will God make us different?