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A Halloween Parable for Bumpy People

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“Let your light shine so people everywhere may see you and praise God!” –Matthew 5:16

(I’ve been looking and looking for a good story about pumpkins to connect with faith aspects of Halloween/All Hallow’s Eve. I found lots of examples where the gunk you take out means the sin that’s in our lives. I’m all for removing sin but I don’t think young children have just a whole lot of gunk to remove. They need a better story. So I made up this version. Maybe you can use it too.)

Once upon a time a young pumpkin waited to be picked out of a pumpkin patch. He waited and waited, but no one picked him. It was getting very close to Halloween but he was still there, in the patch, waiting. He was afraid he would never get picked because he was kinda funny-shaped, with some bumps on one side and some bulges on the other.

But would you believe? On the day before Halloween, a little girl grabbed the young pumpkin right up out of the pumpkin patch. “Hooray!” thought the pumpkin. But he didn’t really know what would happen next, so he was still a little afraid. “You are going to be a great jack-o-lantern!” said the girl. But the pumpkin wasn’t so sure. Had she seen his funny shape?

When they got home, the girl and her mother started making the pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern. They scooped out the pumpkin and that tickled! Then the girl drew a face on him and started carving it out with her mom’s help. The pumpkin couldn’t tell what the girl was doing. Didn’t all his bumps and bulges get in the way?

When the girl was finished, she said, “Let’s put the light in there.” The girl and her mother put a candle in the center of the pumpkin. All of a sudden the pumpkin felt a warm glow inside him. “Wow!” the girl said, and everyone who saw the pumpkin did, too. “What a beautiful jack-o-lantern!” they shouted. “Look how the light shines through him!” everyone exclaimed. “I think he was made just for that light!” the girl said.

The pumpkin beamed. “What a difference the light makes!” he thought.

The girl smiled. She knew all along that this was the perfect pumpkin.